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Boschvelder layers were bred from crosses between Venda, Ovambo and Matabele chickens and is recognized as a synthetic indigenous chicken breed.  Boschvelder layers produce around 240 eggs per annum.

Fertile eggs are produced from our own onsite breeding stock.

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The Boschvelder breed is a very popular choice for 'free-range' chicken.  They are hardy chickens that survive the harsh climate conditions in Africa and at the same time, live off what nature has to offer  in a large camped off area.

The Boschvelder's hardiness and inbreeding, has led to withstand a variety of poultry illnesses,

The current statistics for our Boschvelder breeding flock is 80 eggs per 140 hens daily, with a hatchability of 70-80% with the breeding ratio = 10 hens : 1 rooster.

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