• Broiler starter feed

Meadow feeds Budget Broiler starter crumbs- 50kg

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The Budget Broiler range has been specially designed for farmers who produce broilers for the live market between 6-8 weeks of age. The rations in this range include a coccidiostat and growth promoter, but no hormones.

Feed ad lib to broilers from day old to 18 days of age. The estimated feed consumption should be 800 g to 1 kg per bird.

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Protein 200.0 g/Kg Min
Fat 25.0 g/Kg Min
Fibre 50.0 g/Kg Max
Moisture 120.0 g/Kg Max
Calcium 8.0 g/Kg Min
Calcium 12.0 g/Kg Max
Phosphorus 6.0 g/Kg Min
Total Lysine 12.0 g/Kg Min
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